Japan: Day 18 + 19 - Matsumoto and my return to Tokyo

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Japan: Day 17 - Takayama. Let the eating begin!!

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Japan: Day 15 + 16 - Kanazawa - The tranquil home of the Samurai

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Japan: Day 13 + 14 - Hiroshima + Miyajima Island

What do you find half way up a mountain on the middle of an island deep within it's thick forest, amidst monkeys swinging in the trees I hear you ask? Well, it just so happens that I know ...
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Japan: Day 12 - Himeji + Kurashiki ... Castles + Canals!

Today ended on a dry high ... and probably with a few of my favourite pictures I've ever taken, but that's definitely not how it started!

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Japan: Day 10 + 11 - The many heights and sights of Osaka

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Japan: Day 8 + 9 - Ryokans and Ghost Towns - Exploring Ise & Futamiura

I think the highlight of the last two days was snapping this pic of an elderly wheelchair bound crew to a desolate town for a picture with what seemed to be two papier-mâc style frogs! (p.s why is the woman second from the left holidng up three fingers on each hand? ... Extra peace?)

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Japan: Day 7 - Nara / Uji / Kyoto - Deer oh deer!

Today's excursion ends down back alleys and narrow cobbled streets ... but that's not where it began! 
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Japan: Day 6 - Monkeying around in Arashiyama

After a fun packed day yesterday there was still a few things in Kyoto that I wanted to do before I moved on to the next destination, but the last few days had been pretty intense so the snooze button got pressed a couple (at least 10) times! 

Once I was finally up and dressed I was ready to roll, and prepared for the worst as bad weather had been reported, but hoping for scenes like this ...
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Japan: Day 5 - Kyoto

An early morning was in order to take advantage of being able to watch the sunrise from the rooftop of Gion Yasaka house (one of the amazing apartments Japan Experience have available to rent in Kyoto) and was definitely worth it. The view of this amazing landscape with mountains surrounding the city from every direction except south is spectacular.
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Japan: Day 4 - Lake Ashinoko

So here's the highlight of today's excursion:
But we'll come back to that later ... After a pretty hectic day yesterday there was no time for any rest today as I had lots to try and do whilst I was still in Hakone before heading to my next destination; Kyoto.

After my first experience of an onsen last night, I booked a private indoor onsen session at the guest house for 6.30am to start the day off right. I see why they're so popular out here, I could definitely get use to starting (and finishing) the day with one.
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