My name’s Joseph Raphael Winter and I started this blog to document my trip around Japan in February - March 2015, as I was gratefully sponsored by InsideJapan and Japan Experience

Although I share most of my life experiences (and food) on my Instagram and Twitter profiles, I felt that a blog would give me a platform to share more detail into what I love! 

Since my unforgettable trip, I've decided to use this blog as a platform to share experiences, adventures, things that inspire me as well as what I’m passionate about. What those posts will include … well, your guess is as good as mine!

So a bit of background on me ....
- I was born in Portsmouth, hence why I’m a Portsmouth FC fan (and proud of it)
- I’ve got a Photography degree, although the only place I use my photography ‘skills’ anymore is on Instagram!
- After graduating I spent 11 years living in London, working as an Event Producer for a number of creative agenices, getting to travel the world producing some amazing eventsOne of the campaigns I worked on was featured on a series of HP adverts (see below):


- In 2016 I moved from London to the United States to marry my fiance, who is now my wife! We met on Instagram, but that's a story I'll save for another time! We lived in Indiana for 8 months whilst waiting for my work visa, but then at the end of 2016 we moved to Chicago.

 - I ran the London Marathon in under 4 hours in 2013 (an experience that will stay with me for life) raising money for Prostate Cancer UK. 

- I played football for Catalina Wine Mixer FC for 4 years. We played in the Soccer Sixes leagues at The Soccerdome (David Beckhams old soccer academy), winning promotion 3 out of the 4 years.

- I went to a military boarding school in Dover for 7 years (don’t ask).

- I use to be in a band called Young Guns but soon realised that I prefered setting up shows/events instead of being the focal point!

- I’m a big fan of food (mainly burgers, pizzas, donuts, asian cuisine), music, movies, exhibitions and keeping fit (with all the burgers I eat, the gym has become a daily trip!)

That pretty much sums me up! If you have any questions, or just want to say hey, please feel free to drop me a line. 
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